Saturday, 27 October 2012

Johns peace of mind

Most recently, John Doe has experienced one of the best things in life, by his standards anyway. The strangest feeling curled up in his dirty little soul, the feeling of relief. He finds it most reassuring, sublime you might say. John thinks it’s great to just wake up one day and realize that the terrible pain you felt over and over, the unbearable weight that was pressing on your heart is simply gone. With no reason at all, the pain disappeared, leaving John with nothing but a deaf ache in the bottom of the soul, easily overcame by the brain.
For John, that’s the ideal right now. The pain is gone, the feelings are dead, the loathing becomes futile and all that remains is pure indifference, of the most natural kind. It’s good to feel this way. You don’t have to worry anymore, you don’t have to care about anything or anyone. Not even himself. He’s living his life at its lowest, doing absolutely nothing constructive, killing time instead of demons. Truth be told, he might be right. Everyone in this world is chasing a dream they’ll never reach, fighting a problem they’ll never solve. John Doe has given up on these things. Instead, he’s letting go of the fight, leaving himself in the hands of whatever destiny he still believes in.
John doesn’t love, he doesn’t hate, he doesn’t waste brain cells or time on such fragile and even painful things. He gives nothing to the world, expecting nothing in return. His main philosophy right now is one so simple, and yet so beautiful:”happiness is overrated”. Yes, it’s true, Preach it to the world, John Doe has figured it out. Happiness is overrated, and the chase to the goal takes the focus off the pursuit itself. John realized that he’ll feel much better living in the moment, enjoying the present, rather than fighting to exhaustion, trying to reach an ideal that’s impossible to accomplish. The love he’s got to the world is now a real one, a beautiful one, and future holds no answers because he’s got no questions left to ask. It’s like he had a fucking epiphany. He didn’t even search for it.
Don’t get me wrong, John doesn’t encourage anyone to just forget his dreams and live without any guidance. On the contrary, he also believes in the concept of “dreaming big”. Anyone needs to have a goal, a target, a finish line. You just have to learn how to enjoy the race more than the photo finish. And John did that. He is now a changed man, but he didn’t evolve. No, John stepped down a leader, going back to a past state of mind, the one that brings him most comfort with minimal effort needed, the real indifference, the true ignorance that brings him so much of the beloved bliss.

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