Thursday, 18 October 2012

Long live the John

            Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is true, let the world know, John Doe’s alive. He dies a little everyday, but in the same way, he lives a little longer, he becomes a little more, he evolves, you might say. With every piece of him that falls apart, a new piece comes to life, mending the broken parts of his soul. John can never die, no matter how hard this world tries to take him down. His mind always finds a way to repair what the heart is breaking, replacing the pain with sheer rational indifference. He becomes someone new with every moment that passes, and every moment that passes transforms into something new.
            There’s only one question that keeps rising above all others tough. How long does it take until there’s nothing left of John to repair? How much longer can he swim in this sea of loathing, until he drowns and looses touch for ever and eternity? We will soon find out. There’s not much left of the John that used to be a while back, and there’s not much to go until a new John makes his way into the world.
This new John, well he’s something else. He evolved, he grew, but not into a better human, rather into a stronger one. He’s more untouchable now than he ever was before, he doesn’t even need to fight off the darkness, because the darkness doesn’t come after him anymore. It comes from him now, and instead of fighting it, he must release it, let it free into the world around him. John doesn’t want that tough. A small part of him keeps on fighting, and fighting, and struggling. That insignificant piece of soul that hasn’t been darkened, and will never be. Because however twisted the life of John Doe may seem, there’s always the hope that’s keeping him alive. His heart is breaking, his mind is rebuilding, but somehow there’s something that never changes. Deep down he’s forever in search for the same thing, the thing that all humans want but so few of them get, and that thing is peace of mind.
Long live the true John Doe.

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