Thursday, 4 October 2012

The innocent imagination of John

            A thing you should know about John Doe. He’s not some creepy dude that you hear about and never want to face, but he’s not a friendly fella’ either. He’s got a weird side, an unconventional imagination, but he’s able to contain it, to never let it escape the border of his solitary meditation. He never shares any of the stuff that’s filling up the dark corners of his mind.
            Another thing you should know, despite the image you’ve seen so far and the picture that you’ve probably made about him, is that John is a hopeless romantic. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, break the news, alert the authorities, ‘cause our beloved sociopath, John Doe, is a true believer in the cause of absolute love. And he’s stupid too, did I mention that? But I guess you can’t blame him. His small yet damaged mind needs to hang on to something, and what better to keep the brain busy than a wild ghost hunt for a miracle that never delivers.
            Love makes John a better person tough. It’s the reason that he doesn’t truly hate people. He says he hates part of the human interaction, but the truth is this is just another way of saying that he doesn’t care about that part. John Doe, stupid as he is, was capable of acknowledging a few things, believe it or not. He found out all by himself that hate and love have a lot in common, the main resemblance being the intensity of the feeling. Hating someone requires the existence of the feeling of hate, same as for loving someone. Hate means feeling, and the idealist in John is not too keen of wasting emotions on something that ain’t worth it.
            Taking into consideration that fact, John has cleverly, or not, created a pattern for experiencing his emotions. For him, the world divides into three main categories. The first category represents the people he accepts, that are part of his everyday life and that tolerate him, more or less. The second category, and this includes a vast majority of the world, is composed of the people he genuinely doesn’t give a shit about. John doesn’t like to consume too much emotion in everyday life, so he replaced the concept of hate, and the feeling in the matter, with something less consuming, that being the lack of feeling. His philosophy is simple, why hate when you can ignore? And it’s a good one too, life would be much easier if we could all do that.
            The third category of human beings that are part of John Does brain and heart, is made up of that special one, the one and only at the time being, the single most important human, that deserves to love and to be loved. It’s unimportant who that is, the thing that maters is that the one, whoever she may be, is the single person in Johns life that gets the love, the whole love and nothing but the love. There’s someone in his life, at almost any given time, which is truly loved. She might not know it, she might not understand it, but that’s the only one that matters to John. 

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