Thursday, 1 November 2012

Johns hypocrisy revealed

John Doe is a hypocrite. Don’t let him fool you into believing that he doesn’t give a shit about anyone in this world. It’s a lie. It is all a lie. The truth is, John cares more about people than you could imagine. It’s their opinion about him that he doesn’t give a fuck about. His indifference manifests mostly in this direction. John doesn’t make a goal out of making other people like him. It’s their right to hate him as much as it is his right to ignore them. If you don’t like John, it’s fine by him, it doesn’t affect him, and if he doesn’t like you, he simply pretends you are not there, he acts as if you don’t really exist, and no one should be offended by that. It’s just his way of disconnecting from the nuisances in the world.
 Don’t get me wrong, John doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He actually does his best not to give anyone a very hard time by annoying them or making them feel hated. If he doesn’t have something important to say, he prefers to shut up, instead of saying something stupid. He knows there are a lot of people that find that offending, there are people that love hypocrisy. He just chooses to ignore those people. John may seem condescending, but for him those types of people simply aren’t worth his attention. He knows that dealing with them would be a fight against the windmills anyway, so why should he bother? That’s right, he shouldn’t. And he doesn’t.
John Doe hates hypocrisy. But he’s a hypocrite. He realizes it, but he doesn’t want to change it. He couldn’t anyway. His hypocrisy, like many other things that concern John Doe, isn’t a simple one. It’s much more complex. I’m not even sure you can call it hypocrisy. The term paradox could be much more appropriate. Let’s go with this term. The paradox of John Doe is quite a peculiar one. He’s an antisocial being. He rarely feels good amongst other people, and he is almost never capable of initiating conversation with strangers. That’s probably one of the reasons John is so messed up, but that’s a whole other topic.
The truth is, even tough John is antisocial person he has developed a weird addiction. The addiction to socialization. Yes, John is hungry for knowledge, and what could be more interesting than trying to know people. That’s why he’s always in search for new acquaintances, always eager to meet new people. John wants to be known without being known tough. He doesn’t like exposing himself to others, he’s not letting anyone go too far into his defenses, carefully keeping them at a safe distance from his walls, the walls that he carefully elevated with his mind. The advantage it creates for others is that John is always a good ear to pour your troubles into. He’ll listen to you and pretend he cares, just so you get the warm and fuzzy feeling that he personally despites, the feeling of being understood.
By now you might think that John Doe is a creep. By all means, you are undisputedly wrong. John is a fucked-up, zoned-out weird son of a gun, I’ll give him that. He’s not the person to like, nor the person to hate, he’s the person that you should always look after and look out for.  But if there’s something that John Doe is not, a creep that is. 

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