Sunday, 30 September 2012

An introduction to John Doe

            Don’t let the title fool you. John is anything but extraordinary. He’s just an average guy, with an average life and something that slightly resembles an average brain. Except it doesn’t. John’s brain is a dark, twisted place, an insidious cave filled with miserable thoughts and dangerous ideas. And don’t even get me started on his hearth. There are things laying in there that are meant to be kept away from society for ever and for always.
            Kind of scary right? Wrong. John is anything but scary. He’s just a stupid bloke who had the misfortune of experimenting things that would twist even the mind and soul of a perfectly normal person. Not that John isn’t normal. He is normal, but society’s understanding of “normal” is the one that’s broken. John is not your everyday antisocial sociopath. He is much more complex than this. The label doesn’t suite him.
            Yes, it’s true that John is not always able to fit in when meeting a brand new group of people, but that’s not because he’s got a problem with human interaction. He merely doesn’t give a fuck. He’s ok, he can take part in a conversation, most of the times without making a complete idiot of himself, but he’s almost never the one to initiate the talking. He doesn’t care if someone thinks he’s weird, he actually feels a bit flattered, because he embraced the concept of “normal is boring” a long time ago, and now it’s a big part of his life philosophy.
            John has a lot of general ideas and concepts that he revolves his life around, such as “shit happens” and “life’s a bitch”. And honestly, you can’t blame him, he learned them all, and he learned them the hard way. Life had the bitter humor of throwing these concepts at him one by one, like a bundle of raindrops hitting the pavement, until they create a puddle of self-loathing and despair. But life underestimated John. It never expected him to resist, to endure. The point was probably to make him fight back, to make him throw a punch into the air, hoping to hit whatever it was that made his existence so hard to bear. The plan failed. John found a way of protecting himself, creating a barrier between him and the misery and assimilating the shitty mottos one at a time. And that method is generally called indifference. Pure indifference, covering him up like a shield, constantly repelling all the dirt that his maker or makers are so kindly throwing at him with incredible consistency.
            We’re missing the point tough. The topic here is John, and we are already talking about him, but it will soon be the time to start talking about his life, and the thing that makes an average guy extraordinary, or not.

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  1. I`m starting to love J.D! This makes me a bad person, isn`t it!? :)) ;)